The FINE print:

  • Templates are for personal use or for use by professional photographers to use with their photos for clients. Templates are not to be resold or shared in any way. If you have questions regarding the copyright use please email me.

  • Fonts are not guaranteed. However, I have tried to use 'easy-to-use' fonts. I also include what names they are.

  • Unless otherwise posted, upon receiving payment through Paypal, I will email you the template pack within 48 hours. This may be through either a download service or multiple emails as the files are large.

  • Due to the nature of this product, no refunds will be given. All sales final.

  • Yes! These work in Elements! I created these in Photoshop CS3 and PSE 5.
  • Please check Spelling/Grammar. I do my best to make sure that everything is correct--but, I'm only human! lch design is not liable for Spelling/Grammar errors.
  • Marketing Tools will not be available for Lansing, MI zipcode.

  • PLEASE let me know if you are having any problems using the templates---I want to help! I will be more than willing to try to answer your questions.
When ordering, please indicate which set you would like. Also, please make sure you send me the correct email address you would like the files sent to.



Jayme Tighe said...

Love the new cards!! Hope I win the contest!

Jester's Tear said...

I wasn't 100% sure on which blog I should post the comment to be entered in the drawing, so I'm reposting it here:

These are unbelievable. Classy, elegant and understated, I can see a million different uses for them.

I would love to win a set, but I have a feeling that it will be a very long shot - they are so good that you will have tons of entries!

Monica (JestersTear on ILP)

What A Beautiful Life said...

I love them! Love the colors.


Rene said...

Love your work! I agree that your new designs are classy and elegant.

Melissa said...

You never cease to amaze me! Your work is always gorgeous! Man I'd love both of these sets! Pick me, pick me! LOL!

Unknown said...

those are amazing!!!! i love them all.

Unknown said...
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Bec said...

These are stunning!! Absolutely beautiful! I hope I'm one of the lucky ones!!

Brooks and Mandy said...

And the lucky winner is... Yipeeeee, It's me! These are absolutely gorgeous. I always love seeing your work. I wish I was that talented. Can't wait to see who the LUCKY winner is.

QB said...

Hi !

Just want you to know that I really do want both sets of templates, no matter what ! xo

AmyC said...

Wow! These are incredibly cute, Leah! Great work!

sshirra said...

I love your latest work - I hope I win the contest - fingers crossed : )

Keep on doing what you are doing - you are amazing!!!