Creative CONTEST!!!---chance to win $40!

Let's have a contest! The winner will receive a $40 Gift Certificate to lch design!

CONTEST: Email me 1 entry that includes lch design templates or texture actions. Show me how you've used it! I'll set up a voting poll and the winner will receive $40 to the design site.

For example, this is how JAX Creations used the 5x5 Lovestory Trifold-(originally a Wedding Trifold)---she created it with this darling baby and put it up on display in a Children's boutique! Love the inspiration!

Email me at leah@lchphotography.net with an image no larger than 500pixels on the largest side. Please put CREATIVE CONTEST in the subject line.
DO NOT watermark your image--so that the voting will remain anonymous.
Deadline to submit images is: Friday, March 28th, at midnight Eastern Time.


Denise Marie Olson said...

ohhh, I like what JAX did to the wedding template. Very nice. Maybe after a glass of wine my creative juices will start flowing.. Great idea Leah!!!
PS. Are you going to publicly post everyones work for all to see???

amazing grace said...

Hi denise--yes! I was going to post everyone's entry on this blog and set it up as a voting poll...