Wedding Album example....

Want to see another example of the Lovestory Wedding Album???
Cindy Dover shared this link with me to one of her albums! Take a peek! It's beautiful!!!! It's a flashpalette album viewer.

Also, I added a Paypal button for both the 10x10 Lovestory Wedding Album and the 8x8 Lovestory Guest Album---Buy both and save $10! Just use the paypal button on the right!

And THANKS so much for the awesome response to the new RED SATIN CMAS COLLECTION!

Love getting your feedback!!! Thanks everyone!!!!! :) I appreciate your support!


Sarah Shalley said...

what company do you print with?! just wondering...i'm looking for some album templates because i think i'll HATE creating my own.


amazing grace said...

Hi Sarah! I print with WHCC.

they are great!!!