lch design---NEW TEXTURE ACTION SETS!!!!! (PS and PSE)

lch designs introduces ACTIONS for photographers!!!

Pack 1: Texture Actions v.1---(13 fabulous texture actions--perfect for indoor/outdoor pics. See the gallery on my website for close-up examples) You can mix and match these textures for hundreds of different looks! Set the layer mode to hard light for a more dramatic look. These are for full versions of PS only. ($30)

(Actions in this set: Texture Decor 1, Tex BW Grunge, DK Milk Tex Canvas, Pink Champagne, Urban Grunge Overlay, Urban Grunge Light, Gray Grunge Wallpaper, Gray Oldtyme Border, Coffee Decor, Mocha Scratch, Tex Old Wall & BW Tint)

Pack 2: BW Texture Actions---(5 actions including my van bw action! You will receive 3 bw actions: Van bw, bw vanilla creamy and mocha delight. You will also get Pink Champagne BW texture--which is my favorite! And a 'Double the Texture' action. This set uses 3 textures from the Texture Action v.1 pack and adds texture to your bw if you choose. You can keep your image bw or add texture with just the click of a button! Great workfow set for bw's! ($25)

Buy both PS packs and save $5.00----Use paypal buttons on right....

These are now for Element Users too!!! You'll receive the same 13 jpeg textures from the Texture Actions v.1 pack. Simply layer them over your photo and use the eraser tool to erase back the texture from your subject. Only $25!

Be sure to see them in 'action' and in closer detail on the website:

lch photography & design


Jo said...

Ooh these are gorgeous! Wow!

Joanne Fowler said...

These are gorgeous! WOW! You rock!

amazing grace said...

thanks jo and joanne!!!! :)

You're sweet!

Denise Marie Olson said...

Hi Leah,
These are gorgeous....just wanted to know what your TOU were in using your textures...i.e. websites, blog sites, um marketing material??? or do they need to be indiscriminate within our works of portrait art?? Thank you!!!

amazing grace said...

hey denise...i'll send ya an email...:)